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In 2007, the Department of Software Engineering initiated the signing of an agreement on educational and scientific cooperation in the IT industry between the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics and the Linnaeus University of Växjö, Sweden.

As a first step towards working with Swedish partners, in September 2007, an international educational program for young IT professionals in the new area for Business IT in Ukraine was launched. Today, Business Intelligence is one of the most promising areas of the IT industry, based on the need of modern business in obtaining, analyzing and structuring the most valuable product – information.

As the continuation of the first successful cooperation experience, the next training course, "Intelligent Multimedia Systems", was organized on the same technology.

Based on the positive experience in conducting separate educational disciplines, in November 2008, as a long-term educational cooperation, an educational project on the implementation of the distance international integrated master's study program was started.

The features of this program are that students of NURE during two academic years receive two diplomas of the Master's degree - Ukrainian and European. Students of the specialty "Software Engineering" are already studying under the integrated master's degree curriculum, corresponding to the specialty "Software Technologies" at the Institute of Mathematics and System Engineering at Linnaeus University of Växjö.

During the study, students under the leadership of two scientific leaders (Ukrainian and Swedish) prepare two master's theses.

The benefits of this educational program include:

- simultaneous reception of two Master diplomas: Ukrainian and European;

- free of charge master's degree of European level;

- There is no need to go to Sweden for passing the curriculum for the first year of master's studies, since all courses are taught remotely;

- Possibilities for admission to postgraduate studies at the Swedish University;

- the opportunity to get a prestigious place of work both in the Ukrainian IT company and in Swedish.

From 2016, a cooperation agreement was signed between NURE and the University of Economics in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

The University of Economics in Bydgoszcz is the largest non-state institution of higher education in the northern part of Poland. At present, more than 7,000 students from Poland, as well as a large number of foreign students study at the university. The high quality of education is achieved through 500 outstanding academic lecturers from Poland and abroad.

In the framework of the signed agreement universities cooperate in the following areas:

1. The program of double master's degree. This program gives students of NURE two years of studying the opportunity to obtain two master's degree diplomas - the Ukrainian and European models. Students of the specialty "Software Engineering" will study according to the integrated master's degree curriculum.

2. International Summer School of Programming at the University of Economics in Bydgoszcz, Poland. The International Summer School of Programming takes place at the University of Economics in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Leading specialists of IT companies in Poland and lecturers from the University of WSG participate in the work of the school. The first-third year students of NURE may be students of the school. During the training, representatives of IT companies conduct a series of master classes for students on promising directions in this field. Upon completion, students receive certificates.

3. Internship and training in Polish language courses for students based on the University of Economics in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Internship / practice / courses program - developed individually for each participant, depending on the subject, duration and personal scientific preferences.

The advantages of studying within the framework of cooperation between NURE and the University of Economics in Bydgoszcz, Poland include:

- European Post Graduate Diploma after WSG,

- International students' environment,

- a guarantee of the stability of the price of education,

- possibility of internship in Polish and international companies,

- Study-Buddy programe - Polish guardian students for foreign students,

- possibility to go abroad for one semester abroad at one of the partner universities (Erasmus program),

- interactive teaching methods,

- a professional teaching staff.

Project LeAGUe



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- «Results of Tempus Project5 543839-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-SE-TEMPUS-SMHES «A Network for Developing Lifelong Learning in Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine» (LeAGUe)

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