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Студенти 3 курсу кафедри ПІ проходять навчання в Університеті Вальядолід, Іспанія.

В рамках програми ERASMUS + KA107 Міжнародної кредитної мобільності протягом весняного семестру студенти групи ПЗПІ-17-3 Титаренко Степан і Тесленко Денис проходять навчання в University of Valladolid.

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Оприлюднено додаткові бали для стипендіального рейтингу за осінній семестр

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Workshop «Just about the complex: Working with big data»: children tested themselves in the role of business analysts

The event was held by specialists from the SAP Academy training and production research center and teachers from the Department of Software Engineering (KNURE).

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NURE is among the winners of the international academic mobility competitionThe Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, thanks to active cooperation with foreign institutions of higher education, was included in the list of winners of the international credit mobility competition from Erasmus+, which will allow NURE to expand opportunities for cooperation and exchange of students, teachers and administrative staff with European universities.


Masters of the Department of Software Engineering A.Grinko and B.Tseringer began a course of study at the University of Linneus on a joint Ukrainian-Swedish dual master’s degree program, which is implemented under the contract between the universities.

The joint Master program with the Swedish University enables students of NURE to get not only diplomas of Ukrainian and European standards but also a base of theoretical and practical knowledge that meets the latest requirements of the leaders of the IT industry during 2 years.

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