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Schoolchildren were told about the modern technologies in computer games NURE was visited by the schoolchildren of the 6th and 7th classes of physics and mathematics Lyceum №27 and school №166 to get acquainted with the peculiarities of game development. Together with the Senior Lecturer of the Department of Software Engineering Yuri Novikov the young guests discussed the use of virtual reality and computer vision, various aspects in the process of creating the game, the roles of members of the development team, and the most active participants received prizes.


A representative of NURE participates in the work on the draft law «On adult education».

Associate Professor of the Software Engineering Department of the Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, member of the project development team Ilona Revenchuk takes part in a meeting of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine regarding the general ideology «On the concepts of the draft law of Ukraine «On adult education».

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The next cycle of the Young IT-Shnick was opened

On February 5, 2019, the next cycle of the Young IT-Shnick was opened. It will allow the schoolchildren under the guidance of the teachers of the Department of Software Engineering to join the programming technologies, to expand their knowledge and to improve practical skills, as well as to prepare for the participation in future competitions and tournaments.

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Our students were the best at the Hackathon Women Empowering.

The NURE team, consisting of Valeria Kolesnik (PZPY-18-1), Anastasia Berezina (PZPI-18-1), Anna Mgheryan (PZPI-18-4), Denis Vyskrebts (PZPI-17-2), Sofia Kovalenko (PZPI-17-1) and Anna Ovchinnikova (PZPI-17-4), developed and practically implemented a web platform that allows young people to decide on their future profession and test their strength in a chosen area.

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Congratulations to the first-year teams that won prizes on the ZIP quest in various categories.

  • The second place was taken by the group ПЗПІ-18-11
  • The third place is left for the group ПЗПІ-18-1
  • The third place in the nomination “Best team style” is left for the group ПЗПІ-18-6
  • Winner in the nomination “Best flashmob”: group ПЗПІ-18-5

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