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Scientific directions of the department are: new generation’s creation of computing systems and technologies; pedagogy in new educational environments, distance education; design of artificial intelligence systems; development of human intelligence mechanisms mathematical models (sight, hearing, perception, cognition, etc.); development formal apparatus methods of the logic, algebra, linguistic algebra and logical support system for the design of new information technologies; modern technologies for the integration of heterogeneous distributed data sources and the software quality paradigm for automated information processing systems; modern technologies for the integration of heterogeneous distributed data sources and the paradigm of quality software for automated information processing systems; software for the educational process automated formation of information space; information technologies for distance learning and e-commerce; billing systems construction, development and implementation; intellectual data analysis; development of the basics segmentation theory and geometric objects identification in real time for applied tasks of digital information processing; images semantic analysis; models, methods and algorithms development for biometric systems recognition; knowledge-oriented technologies of classification, diagnostics and situations forecasting; image analysis subsystems development for the processing and analysis system of technical information in the medical forecasting field; development of video control systems software; training model development and a software environment for conducting training and checking knowledge in any subject field; development of mobile education systems.

List of works of scientists of the department.

Department’s laboratory

• scientific-educational laboratory "Software of automated systems" (scientific head of laboratory – prof. Z. Dudar);

• research and teaching laboratory "Information technologies in training and machine vision systems" (scientific head of laboratory – prof. N. Bilous);

educational and scientific laboratory "Intelligent software and hardware systems" (scientific head of laboratory – prof. A. Yerokhin);

educational and scientific Laboratory of game applications development (scientific head of laboratory – senior lecturer Y. Novikov);

• research laboratory "Modeling of Intelligent Systems" (scientific head of laboratory – prof. I. Shubin);

scientific and educational research center "Mathematical modeling" (scientific head – doctor of technical sciences, professor G. Chetverikov);

• international research center "Mathematical and applied linguistics" (scientific head – doctor of technical sciences, professor G. Chetverikov);

• research laboratory "Language Research" (scientific head – Ph.D., senior researcher, associate professor A. Rabotiahov).

Graduate school and doctoral studies specialities :

• 121 - Software Engineering. Curricula and programs .

Graduate School scientific supervisors

Scientific supervisors Scientific interests

Head of the Department of Software Engineering, Candidate of Science (Technology), Professor.

Zoia Dudar

Methods and models of meta-context data exchange in information systems.

Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences (Ph.D.), PhD, Director (on a voluntary basis) the Outsourcing Scientific Training And Production Center (OSTPC)

Nataliya Bilous

Development methodologies, technologies of integration and data mining in corporate information systems.

Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences (Ph.D.), PhD

Volodymyr Bondariev

Automation of processes of improving the intelligent systems quality in the field of software development.

Professor(part time), Doctor of Science (Physics and Mathematics)

Alexey Galuza

Mathematical modeling of physical processes. Machine learning.

Dean of Faculty of Computer Science, Sciences, Professor, Scientific Head of Educational and scientific laboratory IHSS

Andriy Yerokhin

Intelligent systems for identifying the structure and patterns in the data.

Methods of data visualization.

Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences (Ph.D.), PhD

Olena Kachko

Equivalent conversions of programs.

High performance cryptographic systems.

Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences (Ph.D.), Professor

Natalya Lesna

Methods, models and information technologies of the development of socio-economic and educational-scientific networks with a view of integration into the European area.

Professor, Chief Editor of Scientific Journal "Bionics of Intelligence", Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor Grigorij Chetverykov


Linguistic technology.

Structural, applied and mathematical linguistics.

Theory of Intelligence.

Professor, Deputy head of the Educational-Methodical Division, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Igor Shubin

Development of intellectual hypermedia learning support systems.

New methods for processing formulas in the algebra of finite predicates.

Development of mathematical models and software for energy saving systems.

Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Larisa Vlasenko

Modeling of the dynamics of physical and technological processes based on the theory of implicit and degenerate evolution systems; theory of optimal decisions in modern technologies; system analysis of evolution processes in electrodynamics, hydrodynamics, thermal physics, radio physics, robotics, economics, finance, management.

Professor, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor

Anatoliy Rutkas

Associate Professor, Deputy Dean of the Faculty CS, Deputy Executive Secretary of the Admissions Committee, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Oleksiy Lanovyy

Crowd behavior modeling, network technologies.

He has considerable scientific and practical experience in the development and maintenance of complex information systems, including special-purpose ones.

Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Ilona Revenchuk

Software, 3D design and modeling, web design.

Аssistant Professor, Scientific supervisor of CTDL, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Аssistant professor

Viktor Kauk

Innovative activities, distance learning, creativity.

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