In 1963, the reorganization takes place in the Kharkov Institute of Mining and it becomes an Institute of Mining Engineering, Automation and Computing Machines. Arises Department of Automation and Telemechanics. Head of Department is Professor Ivanchenko E.Y.

Ivanchenko E.Y.

У цьому ж році кафедра автоматики та телемеханіки була перетворена у кафедру промелектроніки та обчислювальної техніки, завідувачем був назначений доцент Волков А.А. Відокремившись від цієї кафедри, згідно з наказом №62 від 20 вересня 1963 р. ХІГМАОТа створюється кафедра Обчислювальної техніки.

In the same year, Department of Automation and Telemechanics transforms into Department of Industrial Electronics and Computing Machines. Head of Department was appointed Associate Professor Volkov A.A. . Separated from this department, according to the order number 62 on September 20, 1963 of Kharkov Institute of Mining Engineering, Automation and Computing Machines arises Department of Computing Machines.

The first head of the department became Rvachev Vladimir Logvinovich. Along with him came to the department Shabanov - Kushnarenko Yuri Petrovich, Murashko Henri Gavrilovic, Shklyarov Leonid I., Putyatin Eugene P., Tishchenko, Vladimir Vladimirovich . Department of Computer Engineering carried out the training of engineers for special mathematical and computing instruments and devices. In scientific terms Department engaged in the development of computer technology , new methods of computing, mathematical modeling of the properties of human vision.

In 1964 occurs the first division of the Department of Computing Machines.In the same year were created Department of Mathematics Programming and Simulation and Department of Mathematical Machines.

In 1966, the Department of Mathematics, programming and modeling was split into the Department of Mathematical Modeling and Computational Mathematics. Head of the Department of MM becomes Shabanov-Kushnarenko JP This period is characterized by the expansion of topics of mathematical modeling of mental functions of man and the advent of the department of such specialists as Dyubko Gennady F., Kachko Elena G. Marchenko, Yuri, Vladimir Lovitsky Adrianovich.

Shabanov-Kushnarenko Y.P.

Since 1969, the Department of Mathematical Modeling provides training in Applied Mathematics, specialization - Computer Software and control systems.


Computer Software . Period of 1969-1984 can be characterized as a period of the development of new research directions in the department: the recognition of visual images (head - Putyatin E.P.), the implementation of biologically-based models by means of computers (Shabanov-Kushnarenko Y.P. and Bondarenko M.F.), parallel computing (Murashko A.G.). Were created such Departments as Department of Computer Applications (Head of Department - Putyatin E.P.) , Department of Computer Engineering (Head of Department - Bondarenko M.F.).

From 1974 to 1984 headed the Department Murashko A.G.

Murashko A.G.


from 1984 to 1987 headed the Department Dyubko G.F.

Dyubko G.F.


In 1987, reorganization starts again. Departments of Computer Software and Computing Machines were combined under the name of Computer Software and Bondarenko M.F. becomes the head of the Department. When in 1994, Bondarenko M.F. becomes the rector of KHIRE , his deputy and loyal assistant becomes Dudar Zoya Vladimirovna. 1990 – 2007 , may be called progressive period in the development of the department.

Bondarenko M.F.



Since 1998, the Department is actively engaged in the development of distance education at the university. In 2001,by the the initiative of KHNURE was created Ukrainian Association of Distance Education, and Michael F. becomes its president. With the help of deanery of postgraduate education (Dean Dudar Zoya Vladimirovna) the Department for the first time at the university began training in the form of distance education (specialty ASS), on the initiative of the Department (Cauca V.I.) in 2002 in KHNURE was created a Center of distance education technologies.

Dudar Z.V.

In 2003, again there is a division of the Department: Department of Social Informatics appears, who joined in the training direction Applied Mathematics, Solovieva Ekaterina becomes the head , while the main focus - the creation and implementation of knowledge-oriented information technologies. Currently, the department of Computer Software involved in both research activities and trains highly qualified specialists with a degree in Automated Systems Software "(ASS). Since 2007, the department of Computer Software with the approval of Ministry of Education is preparing a bachelors and masters in the field of "Software Engineering" (the only direction in KHNURE, which fully complies with European Standard Software Engineering).


On December 11, 2011 the Department of Computer Software was renamed the Department of Software Engineering.

For the past 7 years, students in the department are actively involved in team and individual championships and the Programming Olympiads (coach - Vechur A.V.), and often are winners and win prizes: semi-final of Ukraine (Donetsk, Kharkov), Final Ukraine (Vinnitsa) Ukrainian Cup Programming (Odessa), semi-final world programming (Romania, Bucharest), private open team championship of the Southern Caucasus (Georgia, Batumi), an open online-Cup programming among the CIS countries, etc.

For good results in Olympic activities since 2005 KHNURE honored to hold annual semi-finals of the Ukrainian programming contest among universities of the eastern region of Ukraine. Under the guidance of teachers of the department (V.M. Bondarev, Vechur A.V.) since 1995, acts of inter-chair research and production student group "Programmer", where several generations of students acquire practical skills in software development.